Jan 23, 2012

Getting Used to Casual


Blazer & Top: Target, Blazer & Necklace: Forever21, Jeans: Guess

It's been great getting into the casual dress code at work. I feel like I have so many new outfit options without even shopping. My blog is sort of changing direction too.  Showing off a new side of my style, I dig it.  I have a feeling my shopping trips will be much more exciting,  business casual won't be on the brain so much anymore.  Now, I need to figure out how to incorporate all of my skirts without looking too over dressed.


Ugly Duckling said...

This outfit looks ace. You know how I love a nice blazer!! Sounds like fun getting to re-style your wardrobe!



Janell said...

My office is casual too, and I love it! It allows me to be so much more creative. You'll definitely have more fun shopping. A big plus is that your outfits will serve dual roles for work and play.


just tututiny said...

what a gorgeous blazer and I love the statement necklace!

hope you had a great weekend.

Rach said...

Love seeing the more casual looks! I have a similar blazer and am never sure how to wear it for a casual everyday look without seeming overdressed.

Annie said...

Love that blazer, and what a pretty necklace!

The Other Side of Gray

Samantha Hau said...

I'm glad you are liking the new dress code environment.

One thing I get when I wear a dress or skirt to work - My boss tends to joke and ask if I am interviewing... :) i think that is the only downside to wearing skirts/dresses to a casual work environment.

Oh and love the shoes!

Kate said...

Did you get this blazer online? Is it Mossimo? How do you like it? (I'm in the market for a camel blazer, but with the one I'm looking at being an online exclusive, it's hard to tell.)