Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I got this fabulous costume idea from Jessica at What I Wore. She did an awesome series of posts this month with costume ideas.  I decided that Drew being my cheeseburger was a must!  I made his whole costume from scratch. I'm so proud!!!!

Oct 28, 2011

Spring to Fall

Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Blazer & Scarf: Target

You've seen this outfit HERE from this past spring.  This is a perfect example of how to flip a spring/summer outfit into fall. Simple and effortless!

I am so excited about Halloween this weekend!  We are going to a friend's house for a party tomorrow night.  I don't to spoil it and tell you about our costumes until I have pictures to post.  I made our costumes so I'm super proud of them.  I can't wait to show them off.

Dressing up for Halloween???

Oct 27, 2011


I started this blog less than a year ago with no intention of having more than 10 followers.  I remember being so excited about the 6th follower outside of my group of 5 friends that were so kind to follow.  I love looking back at my old pictures and seeing how awkward I looked.  I was so nervous about posing for pictures in front of Drew.  Now, I just strut my stuff. 

Thank you so much for reading and following my blog each day.  It means so much!  I have had so much inspiration from each of you and you've definitely helped build my confidence. 

Now, let's see if I'm confident enough to start telling everyone I know about this blog!

Thank you Amelia at Ugly Duckling for being my 100th follower.

♥ ♥ ♥

Awkward While Shopping

Dress & Scarf: H&M
Boots: Alloy
Cardigan: NY&Co.
Belt: Target

I could easily make 20 different outfits with this dress by simply throwing on a different cardigan or jacket with it. If only I could do this 20 days in a row, picking out an outfit each morning would be much easier.  I'd probably get to sleep in 20 extra minutes.

A girl in my department asked me if I would go shopping with her soon to help pick out some new outfits.  I was flattered.  Then I thought about how awkward I am while shopping. My co-worker would not enjoy herself.  As much as I love clothes and buying new,  the whole process of shopping can be annoying to me.  When I shop I'm typically alone and on a mission. I think is this one of the many things that Drew loves about me...I rarely make him tag along.

Oct 26, 2011

Mixing Patterns

Top: H&M
Skirt: Loft
Tights: NY&Co.
Shoes: Payless

I'm really disappointed that the print on my skirt didn't show in these pictures. I guess my title Mixing Patterns doesn't really work if you can't see it!  Grr.  I call it my quilt skirt.  You've seen it styled plenty of times.  It was in my winter 30x30 remix too.  People either love or hate these shoes.  There's really no in between.  I either get great compliments or weird looks.  Ha.  I don't care. I love these babies.

 I've decided to disguise my closet as a clothing store.  I'm thinking this might help me get my shopping fix.  Throw a sign over the closet and maybe a bell on the door.  I might even throw up some fake sale signs.  Okay, not really.  I only have a week left...I can do this.

Oct 24, 2011

The Sequin Mini

Blazer & Tights: NY & Co.
Sequin Mini: Charlotte Russe
Top & Shoes: Target

This past new years eve I had to have a sequin mini for our big night out.  Seen here on my very first blog post.   One of the best nights of my life.  I hung the skirt up in the back of my closet and thought I'd never wear it again. Shopping my closet brought me and this amazing little skirt back together again.  Throw on a simple blue button up and a black blazer...BOOM! a new outfit.  I wore this out for my lovely friend Samantha's b-day.  We met less than a year ago and have become great friends.  So happy you're in my life now, Sam!  ♥

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! 

Oct 22, 2011

Friday Jeans Day

Bracelet, Top & Sweater: NY & Co
Jeans: Kohl's Lauren Conrad
Nude Pumps: Target

I love Friday jeans days.  It gives me a chance to break out of the normal day to day business casual attire.

Big weekend plans?  Friday I stayed in with Drew snugged up on the couch. Tonight, we are going out to celebrate my lovely friend Samantha's b-day!  I'll be sure to get some pics of us all dolled up. 

Happy Weekend!

Oct 21, 2011

Another Forgotten Dress

Dress & Shoes: Target
Jacket: Kohl's Lauren Conrad
Tights: NY&Co.

Oh weekend, I've been waiting for you all week long! This is actually my Thursday outfit.  We had my dad and brother over for dinner last night so I didn't have time to post. Pork tenderloin, roasted veggies, salad, and hanging with my favorite men in the world....best night ever.

More luck with shopping my closet!  These shoes are new, but not October new. I've been saving them for tights! Do you know how hard it is to have something new sitting in my closet for so long?! Finally. I think these will end up being my winter "go-to" wedges.    This dress, $5.  Another forgotten dress. It's been hanging in my closet quietly yelling "pick me pick me!" every morning. I bought this jacket last winter.  I love that I can dress it up or down.  It's amazing what I find by just digging a little deeper in my closet.  I guess Drew is right, I do have plenty of clothes.  DON'T tell him I said that.  

Oct 19, 2011

Navy and Green

Navy Dress: Loft
Cardigan & Flower: NY & Co. 
Shoes: DSW
Belt: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Thrifted
These pictures are a result of my impatience. My camera battery was dead so instead of waiting a few for it to charge, I broke out the old camera.  I just got home from dinner with my mom and sister. I was ready to put on my warm pj's.

  I really love navy and this green together.  Not sure why I haven't paired the two together before now. 

Cutting it short tonight...Modern Family!

Oct 18, 2011

Taking advantage

Navy Cardigan: Target
Top: NY&Co.
Skirt: Loft
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Alloy
Necklace: Charming Charlie

Hi pretties! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!  I just got back from my study date and I'm all snugged up warm on the couch.  It's cold and rainy out...ew.

Since my October shopping ban, I've been slacking on my outfit creativity, as you can probably tell by the lack of posts.  Over the past couple of months I think most of my outfit inspiration was coming from the new clothes I was buying.  I decided it was time to take advantage of this shopping ban and my closet!  I need to start remixing pieces I haven't worn in awhile. So, here goes nothing!

Oct 13, 2011

Style Help!

Top, Blazer, Shoes - Target
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Yellow pants - H&M
Bag - Jessica Simpson

You've seen this outfit before.  Different shirt, different shoes, but pretty much the same.  I figured I would post this anyway to see if I could get any style suggestions from my readers. 

How would you style these pants??

I look forward to hearing your feedback!!!

Oct 11, 2011

Random Thoughts & Weekend Update

Skirt: H&M
Top: NY & Co
Belt & Bracelete: Forever21
Necklace, Target
Shoes: Nine West

Note to self: ALWAYS hold this skirt while walking outside on a windy day.  This skirt has plenty of space for some serious airflow.  Bad news.  I came close to flashing many people in the parking lot today.  Close call.
Oh, and I promise to add some color back into my outfit selections this week. Apparently I have a serious obsession with this black/brown combo. I also have way less pink than I thought.

Got my CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) Application acceptance letter today!  That means it's officially the real deal.  Let the stress begin!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  I got to see Bush, Chevelle, and Filter in concert Friday night! A fun night with my girl, Samantha reliving high school/college years!  Gavin Rossdale was quite yummy.  Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Oct 5, 2011

Can't think of a title...

Top: Forever21, Shoes & Skirt: Target, Necklace: Charming Charlie, Bracelet: Kohl's

While I don't have too many pink things in my closet, I'll be doing my best to try to add some splashes of pink this month.  As you know, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Kroger is a big sponsor and really does a lot to get involved with the cause.  In fact, our building will be lit up with pink lights all month long. It's great.

I'm happy to say I haven't been forced into tights this fall just yet. We've had perfect weather all week! I'm trying to keep the bare legs as long as I can!