Jan 24, 2011


  • Black skirt - Loft **has an adorable print that you can't see :(
  • Chinese Laundry Shoes - DSW
  • Turquoise shirt - TJ Maxx ** looks kinda blue in the pics
  • Zebra print sweater - NY & Co.
  • Leopard print belt - Forever21
Let's face it, my picture quality BLOWS.  I need a new camera! 

This outfit is one of my favorites. I mixed 3 different patterns. You can't see it, but my skirt has a really cute print on it too.  Oh well.

I just got finished working out. I feel AH-Mazing! I really need to do this more often. A mix of a bayed-ace (bad ass for those that don't get it)  play list and sweating my bootie off really made the stress go away.

Try it sometime. Bet my play list is better than yours though.  Just sayin.

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