Jan 28, 2011


Good morning Sunshine's!

I've been slacking with my outfit posts the past few days.   Since I started this blog and was actually serious about posting, I made an outfit log.  I went through my closet and came up with a different outfit for about 15 days.  Idea complements of my favorite blogger, Kendi Everyday.   Needless to say, my planned outfits came to an end on Tuesday.  I found myself standing in my closet lost over the past few mornings... and running a little late for work.  Keeping this notebook is such a fabulous idea.  I take a Sunday (or a random day that Drew is gone) and get creative with my closet. My room is a complete disaster area for a bit, but it works.  I'm not a morning person, so I just don't have time to do something like that each morning.  I always end up hating my outfit if I do.

30 for 30 Remix Challenge starts soon! I signed up for it. Even if I don't make the list, I'm going to do it.  That will be on Sunday's to do list.

Have a good one!

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