Sep 30, 2011

The Best Dress Pants

Pants & Bracelet: NY&Co, Top & Shoes: Target, Cardigan: H&M, Belt: Thrifted, Necklace: Kohl's

You can't really tell in the pictures but my pants are navy. In my opinion, New York and Company has THE BEST dress pants.  I love the length and flowiness of these.  I'm so biased that I've never really tried buying dress pants anywhere else.  So tell me, am I wrong? Is there an amazing pair of pants out there that I'm missing out on?  Do tell! How many times could I possibly say the word pants in this post?

♥ Happy Friday! ♥


Sorren said...

I a) seriously cannot get over how much I'm loving the new hair and b) am comment bombing you right now!

This outfit is great and those pants look amazing.

Anonymous said...

I've never really liked shopping at NY&Co, but those pants look amazing on you! I'm totally going to suggest that to my sister, who's a teacher! Thanks for sharing.

Kati said...

I LOVE NY&Co. pants. That is all I wear for work because they come in tall sizes. As a tall girl finding dress pants that fit is a challenge and the pants at NY&Co. are the best, they fit great, look great and are reasonably priced. What is not to love!

Miranda said...

hmm I need go stop by there and try on their pants, I'm in search of a good pant.

You look amazing, I love the color of that top and the shape of it with those pants. Gorgeous outfit!!


Cara said...

Beautiful teal top, its so perfect with your eye and hair color! I love NY&Co pants, they are really well cut and their petite length actually fit me which is really my #1 priority. I also love Ann Taylor Loft pants!