Sep 22, 2011


What I'm wearing/shop the look
Banana Republic top
Similar Vest
  Simply Vera Wang Jeans - Kohl's
Similar Shoes
, Necklace: Charming Charlie

So, I guess this would be a men's wear look even though it's not actually menswear.  I've had this vest for years and probably haven't worn it in years. I actually have matching's a whole suite thing I guess.  I've never worn the two together. In fact, I didn't even purchase them at the same time.  When I went to put the pants away I saw my vest and was like "Well I'll be darned!"  that's how us Kentucky folk talk.  Anyway, I really like the material of the vest...I should wear it more often.

So, happy it's FINALLY Thursday!  My little sister got asked to homecoming and asked me to help her get ready. ADORABLE.  I'm really looking forward to it.


Leah said...

Have fun helping your sister with homecoming...what a fun time for the both of you!
Love the "menswear" look! I have these same shoes and enjoy now seeing them on someone else. They seem so versatile!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

I love your bangs- they really make your eyes pop! I've been toying with getting full on bangs but I always end up regretting it and trying to grow them out a few weeks later! I LOVE your take on men's wear- very sexy and sassy!

Rach said...

I like the menswear look-the skinny jeans and heels keep it feminine and sexy. Loving the bangs!

heidi said...

i think this is a totally cute look! and oh my gosh, your cat on your deck is so cute too!

Laura said...

Oh I am loving the vest!! Awesome addition.

Amber Blue Bird said...

really cute outfit and I love the vest. That is one thing that my closet is missing. I was never sure how to style them but I really like the way you are wearing it here.

Tara said...

HA! I've done something similar before, where I've purchased a sweater, then at a later date picked up the same sweater in just a slightly different color, only to realize that...huh, look at that!

Too funny :)

But, I love the vest!