May 17, 2012

Four eyes | In style

I’ve worn glasses just about all of my life, since junior high to be exact.  I’ll never forget the day the doctor told me I needed glasses. Complete devastation! I was already the new girl in the school who was having a hard time fitting in and now you say I need GLASSES!?  For those of you who have worn glasses most of their life, I’m sure you can feel my pain.  Let’s face it, they just weren’t stylish back then.  Large wire-rimmed glasses were my first purchase.  I remember begging my mom to let me get contacts. She told me I had to get through a year of glasses before she’d think about it.  Really? I thought you loved me, mom.

Oh how times have changed. Not only are glasses more affordable, everyone can’t wait to get a pair these days.  Shockingly enough the thicker rimmed “nerdy” glasses are where it’s at!  Don’t have a pair yet?  Come on, get with the times!   Check out!  They have tons of stylish affordable options to choose from!  Thick rimmed to wire rimmed, whatever your nerdy heart desires.
Nervous about ordering eyeglasses online? Never fear my dears,  Glasses USA offers a virtual mirror!  Yes, that’s right, you can try on the glasses in the comfort of your pj’s!    Here are a few I tried on…

Once you’ve virtually tried on and found your dream glasses, simply plug in your eyeglasses prescription information and order away!  

Now that you have a resource for cheap glasses,  you can order a pair in every style and color! I’m thinking about these next...


What do you think?  Now, it’s your turn! Enjoy.
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