Jun 25, 2012

Share it: Stressed.

Stressed and sick of it. I have got to figure out a way to balance this crazy new job with life. I'm guilty of going home everyday and completly shutting down. Feeling like the whole world has come to an end because I've had "the worst day ever". How do I fix this? I have the most amazing fiance in the world that keeps me sane. He tries so hard to keep me motivated and active. I love him so much for that.  I've tried so many things to help relieve my stress, why not reach out to my blogging community?

What punches my bad day in the face...

He is my rock. These days, he's the ONLY thing that makes me smile. I wouldn't make it through the day without him.

My friends.
They are just amazing.  Although I don't get to see or talk to them as often as I'd like, I know I can count on them anytime. Thank goodness for email, gchat, & text.

My Family.
They always remind to to STOP sweating the small things!

I don't do it enough. When I do, I feel like I've just punched every stressful thought in the FACE.

My Blog.
I miss it. I don't devote as much time to it as I once did and that makes me sad. I love reading and posting, it's just fun. It's a hobby that I could NEVER get tired of.  Writing this little bit just helped!

Life is such a balancing act. The older we get, the more thrown on our plate.

How do you deal with stress?

What gets you through the day with a smile?


still being [molly] said...

awww girl i'm sorry you're stressed! you got this - keep your head up, lovely lady!


Bre said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Life is hard to balance and I usually reach out to my boyfriend and sister so I think you are off to a good start.
Maybe you should try running some more. Hope you get through all this.