Apr 7, 2011

A thing for navy

Top, skirt, belt - H&M
Shoes - JLo
Necklace - Charming Charlie

I have a serious thing for navy lately.  I love it.  Sorry for the wrinkly skirt. These pics are post work and Heather's wedding rehearsal. Tomorrow is her big day! She's doing a peacock color theme. We get to wear black jersey material dresses and turquoise or purples sashes.  My favorite part is the adorable peacock bracelet!  Don't worry, you'll see pics.
By the way, ran yesterday. 2 miles lol.  I feel so sore today! I need to get in shape, dudes....bad.


Taylor said...

Navy and grey have become my go-to neutrals over black and brown. I love teal + navy combo! That is a way cute top. I can't tell if it's the same one but I have one very similar from H&M in grey and pink!

Bekah: Matters of Merrymaking said...

I NEED more navy, I have zero! But I love all sorts of stripes. Beautiful!
Also, you've inspired me to visit charming charlie this weekend... :)

matters of merrymaking

Love at First Shoe said...

Bekah, you will LOVE Charming Charlie!

Taylor, I bet that sweater is adorable in pink and grey!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are SO cute! Are they comfortable?

Love at First Shoe said...

Very comfortable. You can't tell in the pic, but these shoes have seen better days. I wore the crap out of them last summer!

kileen said...

i love the stripes and the long dangly necklace of this outfit. lovely!

cute & little

Tara said...

I absolutely love this color combination! And those shoes are so great :)