Oct 27, 2011

Awkward While Shopping

Dress & Scarf: H&M
Boots: Alloy
Cardigan: NY&Co.
Belt: Target

I could easily make 20 different outfits with this dress by simply throwing on a different cardigan or jacket with it. If only I could do this 20 days in a row, picking out an outfit each morning would be much easier.  I'd probably get to sleep in 20 extra minutes.

A girl in my department asked me if I would go shopping with her soon to help pick out some new outfits.  I was flattered.  Then I thought about how awkward I am while shopping. My co-worker would not enjoy herself.  As much as I love clothes and buying new,  the whole process of shopping can be annoying to me.  When I shop I'm typically alone and on a mission. I think is this one of the many things that Drew loves about me...I rarely make him tag along.


Victoria said...

I shop alone too. Can't get anything for myself while I am with someone. Love your style.

Kati said...

I love to shope alone too. I thought I was the only one, glad to know I have fellow solo shoppers out there. You look great, I love this combo.

Amelia @ Ugly Duckling said...

I know what you mean about shopping alone. It's just easier. Although my boyfriend isn't lucky enough to escape it all the time. He'd love me more probably if I let him though.

This outfit is cute and I really like those boots in particular.

I'm following you now. I think I was your 100th follower. I feel special now! haha.

Amelia x

Nav said...

I shop alone but isnt it nice to get compliments like that? You look really put together here, love how you put together neutrals and picked up accents from the leopard scarf! love love it!

xo Nav

kileen said...

how flattering to have your co-worker want you to go shopping with her! i'm a solo shopper too so i know exactly how you feel.

and i really love your leopard scarf!

cute & little

Bre said...

Okay these boots are calling out to me like mad crazy. No, I don't think you understand- I want them!

You shop like I do. I lie going with my sister but we shop for like an hour then sit in cafe for two then shop for an hour rinse, lather, repeat. Hope your not too annoyed while shopping with your co-worker.


Lilly's Style said...

Aw, we have the same scarf :)
Great outfit! Love those boots.
You sound like my sister when shopping, she is always on a mission-in and out! Except she doesn't like shopping much!

Leah said...

I'm the same way! I love shopping, but I'm an in-an-out kind of shopper. I don't browse much or when I do it's quick-like. I can spot stuff (sizes, etc.) for myself in an instant, but it is harder for me to do that with other people.

Love at First Shoe said...

Thanks ladies!! I'm glad I'm not the only awkward shopper!

Rach said...

In the same boat. A coworker asked me to take her shopping today! Bu I'm the same way. I can scope a store in just a few minutes and decide if there is anything worth trying on. I hate browsing in the same store for hours. I also have no idea what looks good on other people's body types...

Tara said...

Love the purple/leopard print combo!

It kind of depends on my mood, but some days I'm more of an 'on-a-mission' shopper,and some days I'm more of a browser. But I always like to go at my own pace, which is definitely why I always prefer to shop alone. Plus, I had a friend who wanted help shopping once, and I'm pretty sure I spent more than she did when the day was over...so I just can't be trusted not to do my own thing, obviously :)

Candy Apple Fashion said...

You look amazing! I love the purple+leopard!