Oct 21, 2011

Another Forgotten Dress

Dress & Shoes: Target
Jacket: Kohl's Lauren Conrad
Tights: NY&Co.

Oh weekend, I've been waiting for you all week long! This is actually my Thursday outfit.  We had my dad and brother over for dinner last night so I didn't have time to post. Pork tenderloin, roasted veggies, salad, and hanging with my favorite men in the world....best night ever.

More luck with shopping my closet!  These shoes are new, but not October new. I've been saving them for tights! Do you know how hard it is to have something new sitting in my closet for so long?! Finally. I think these will end up being my winter "go-to" wedges.    This dress, $5.  Another forgotten dress. It's been hanging in my closet quietly yelling "pick me pick me!" every morning. I bought this jacket last winter.  I love that I can dress it up or down.  It's amazing what I find by just digging a little deeper in my closet.  I guess Drew is right, I do have plenty of clothes.  DON'T tell him I said that.  


Lilly's Style said...

The things we find in our closet during this shopping-ban-month :)

Love the whole outfit, you styled the dress great. And those wedges.. What size shoes you wear again lol

heidi said...

love this look, the black and brown looks so effortless together. that's definitely a great target dress!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

love your shoes. x


Love at First Shoe said...


Lilly, 8...maybe a swap in our near future? haha!

Tara said...

I love shopping the closet, especially when there are such pretty, forgotten items hiding out. I love this dress!