Dec 2, 2011

Ready for The Weekend!

Dress: Forever21
Jean Jacket: NY & Co.
Scarf & Boots: Target
Tights & Socks: Kohl's

I feel somewhat guilty for making this an outfit post.  You've seen this dress with every item I'm wearing just not simultaneously.  Like I've mentioned a billion times before, this is my go to dress. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned!  Drew and I are going on a date night to my absolute favorite restaurant, Local 127.   He's been out of town over the past couple of days so I'm really looking forward to this night out with him.



virginia said...

As a new follower, I've never seen it and I love it. You look totes adorbes. Hope your night was super!

Virginie's Cinema said...

I'm happy you posted this look, might be one of my favorites from you!

Virginie ♥