Dec 27, 2011

Study Gear

Infinity Scarf, Jeans, Hoodie Jacket, Woodstock T, & Bag: Target
Shoes: Puma

I spent most of the day studying in my baggy pj's.  I had to make myself somewhat presentable for a study date this afternoon.  I thought instead of skipping an outfit post, I'd share. I'll call it my study gear. My exam is getting close. A week from this coming Saturday to be exact. 

Putting this outfit together made me realize I just don't have too many pairs of  jeans to choose from.  I've had these forever. I love the way they fit me but the bottoms are torn to shreds from wearing them with flats. They're too short for most of my heels and too long for flats.  For me,  jeans are one of the most difficult things to shop for.  Length is always my issue.  I know, I know, get them hemmed.  That's something I just don't do but probably should.  The company I will be working for has a casual dress code, so my urgency for some new jeans will increase dramatically. Any suggestions? What's your favorite brand?


Ugly Duckling said...

I have the opposite problem to you, I can't find jeans that are long enough.

Depending how much you like to spend I love diesel jeans and also For All Mankind. 7 For All Mankind always fit so well and are very flattering. Theyre pretty expensive but you'll have them forever so the cost per wear is usually actually pretty good!

Cheap jeans I get from Topshop, think you can shop it online in the states.

Good study outfit!



Clothes Karma said...
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Clothes Karma said...

I think we have similar body types, so I can't recommend the Gap line of long and lean jeans enough! They come in petite sizes too. My suggestion is to order a size smaller than what you normally get because they do run a little big and they stretch. They are seriously *almost* as comfy as my yoga pants:

Julie said...

I love Miss Me jeans now, Express has some great jeans too, their ReRock line is fabulous and the fits are very flattering, slimming. Jeans are my favorite thing to shop for since I wear them so much - You always look so polished & chic, I can't wait to see how you style your jeans at your new casual job!! : )