Mar 27, 2012

A Bad Day in Fabulous Shoes

Top: Loft
Sweater: Banana Republic
Black skinnies: Guess
Shoes: BCBG - DSW

I had an extrememly stressful day at work today so I'm keeping this one short.  At least I wore comfortable fabulous shoes all day!   I came home to flowers, beer, crab cakes & chocolate. Drew has to be the best fiance ever.

Hope everyone had a better day than me!


kateprs said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day. It's like I always say: Life isn't about the 8-5.. it's about the 5-8. Your fiance sounds like a great guy :)

Angela Bennett said...

oh I love that! I'm gonna have to write that on a post-it and keep it at my desk :)

Simply Sarah said...

I LOVE that comment - and love your outfit! Hope your day today is better <3

Jess said...

I'm sorry your day sucked! I hope today was better for you, & at least it ended well. And you looked great, so there's also that!

FashionCherry said...

very cool outfit you put together :) I love those shoes, amazing how a really great pair of shoes can spice up an outfit!!

Lindsay said...

I love your shoes! I would love to find a pair for myself. Flowers, beer, crab cakes and chocolate? He sounds like a winner to me!!

Glad I found your adorable blog :)

Just Fab said...

Those are really pretty Angela! What kind of material are they?

MiniMeStyle said...

Hi again, Angela! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you with a "tell me about yourself" award today in a post! No obligation to participate whatsoever, but I wanted to let you know, and that I'd love to learn a little more about you!

TheTinyHeart said...

Found your blog from MiniMe Style and it is so cute! Love the stripes and layering going on! Sounds like you have a really great fiance for making your bad day a lot better :)

The Tiny Heart