Mar 13, 2012

Yellow & Turquoise

Blazer: Kohl's
Jeans & Necklace: Forever21
Top: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

I love this color combination, it just screams spring! It can't come soon enough! Drew and I have been plotting our spring planting approach for the season. Our hopes are to turn the condo deck into a spring wonderland. Can't wait.

I've decided to do my best to avoid tights until next fall. Until my legs aren't so pasty, pants it is. Hello Jergens, help a girl out!


Rebecca said...

I just got my Jergens out this week, too! I'm so, so pasty!!

Shybiker said...

Gorgeous outfit. And nice smile.

Lilly said...

Just last night I had to use some self tanner on my legs.
You look cute, love the color combo.

ChiChi said...

Super cute! You look amazing in those jeans!

Simply Sarah said...

love the colors - yellow and green are my spring crushes right now <3! You look fab!

Laura said...

Yeah! It's that time of year to bust out the self tanner!!

Happy Weekend!
xo, Laura