Mar 26, 2011

Back to boots and tights

Top, Boots, and necklace - Target
Skirt - Mod Cloth

Friday night outfit...

I love this outfit but I wasn't thrilled about wearing boots and tights again. I swear if it snows Sunday like they say, I may go crazy...

Off to the spa with mom!!


kileen said...

i love the sparkles in the skirt! have a great time at the spa!

cute & little
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Anjela said...

You look great! I love the sparkly-ness of the skirt and how you paired it up with the denim shirt!:)
Enjoy the spa!

Lilly's Style said...

Great outfit! I got that shirt at Target a while back and LOVE it!

Bre said...

First off I hope you are not having snow. Second I love that shirt and that skirt. Together, wow you look hot! Hope you had a great day at the spa.

Love at First Shoe said...

ohhhh yes it did snow. GRRRRR!

Thanks Ladiesss!