Mar 25, 2011

Hello Friday...I've been waiting for you....


Jeggings & Top - Target
Blazer - H&M
Shoes - Rocket Dog
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Bracelet - Kohl's
Flower - NY & Co.

I'm in love with my outfit today :)  These shoes are so stinking cute and comfy.  If I didn't have a weird thing about not wearing the same pair of shoes in one week, I'd wear them ALL the time.

My mom turns the big 50 tomorrow.  AH! I swear every time I hear 50 (not just referring to age) I think about the skit from Saturday Night Live by Molly Shannon...  I'm 50!!!! 50 years old!!!!!!!! I can Kick!  Punch! ANNNDDDD KICK!!!    Hahahahahahaaaa! Gets me every time.  I even say it out loud when someone says 50....if you hang around me a lot it can be annoying.  I love when I get someone who has no idea what I'm talking about...  Enough with humoring myself....

Anyway, I'm taking her for a spa day! Her first one actually. Should be a good time.


Taylor said...

Ha, when my mom turned 50 two years ago I said that (out loud and in my head) all the time - "Aaahhhhhhhh'm FIFTY!"

Adorable shoes! I have the same weird "thing" about not wearing a pair within the same week. Well, two weeks.

Tara said...

I absolutely love this outfit. The flower and the shoes? So gorgeous!

And I will now be running around the rest of the night channeling Molly Shannon...the husband is going to be so freaked out :)

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