Mar 12, 2011

My city is under water!

First of all, if you haven't been outside to enjoy this weather, GET OFF YOUR ASS NOW!  It's so nice out!!!

Drew and I parked and walked all around downtown today. We started along the river...where these pics were taken.  We've been getting so much rain that the Ohio River has flooded. Yikes!   This is all along the river in Cincinnati. The view of the buildings are on the Kentucky side, where I live.

Now I'm off to do work....on a Saturday....sucky.  Girls night with my girl Katie tonight...can't wait!


Tara said...

I saw on the news here in Atlanta how the Jeff Ruby Waterfront restaurant in Covington broke loose this weekend. Crazy!

I really love your bag in that first picture, by the way :)

Jamie Renee said...

Great pics! I was going to say the same thing about Waterfront! I heard there were like 150 on board when it happened. Can you imagine! That would be quite a night out!

kileen said...

I love the cross-body bag on you. And crazy how much water you guys have! Be careful out there!

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