Jun 17, 2011

Paint party

Navy Dress: Loft, Shoes: JLo-Burlington Coat Factory, Cardigan: Target, Bracelete: Kohls, Necklace: Charming Charlie

It doesn't really matter but I've been posting my outfits from the day before in the mornings.  I've been super busy after work everyday so it's just worked out this way. Again, doesn't matter.

We are painting the condo this weekend! I'm sick of the dark tanish color it is now.  I painted it when I first bought the place and I've wanted to change the color for awhile now.  Painting is SUCH a pain in the ass!  I don't get a whole lot of natural light so I'm going with an ultra light gray.  I'm pretty excited to see it all finished.  This is the first project Drew and I have worked on together.  I'm curious to see how well we do this together.  He was looking pretty stressed this morning hahahaha! We'll probably pick up some beer and wine to help us out.  Make it our little paint party. Wish me luck!

I'm in love with this necklace, hence me wearing it about 5 times a week!  Click this link to see a previous post with this dress and a close up picture of the necklace.


Lilly's Style said...

Another great outfit! Love the dress and the color of the cardi is so pretty.

Painting...major dislike. I like having color on the walls but I do not like painting. Every single room in our place is painted...but I can only take credit for our bedroom walls..my hubby did most of the work.
Paint party sounds so much better :)

Style Journey said...

Love your whole outfit! I am really loving black and brown right now. The green cardi is a nice touch!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

This is such a great outfit- I love the colour of the dress and cardigan and that peacock necklace is super cute! Looking forward to following along with your remix. xo Emily (fellow remixer

P.S. Good luck with painting- I am hopeless at it!

kelseywilliams said...

simple, elegant, CUTE!