Jun 30, 2011

Two in One

Black Pants: NY& Co., Top & Cardi: Target, Shoes: Steve Madden Luxe, Bracletes: mixture of Forever21, Kohls, and my Grandma!

Shorts: Old Navy, Top: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Target, Clutch: DSW

I am super disappointed this morning.  I really thought it was Friday when I woke up. GRRR...oh well, at least it's pay day...and food day for my birthday!  Told you I could milk it for a week ::evil laughter::

#12 outfit:  this is from yesterday.  I really love how wide these pants are.  I always feel like I'm in PJ's when I wear them.  I want to find a pair of jeans this wide...any suggestions?

#13 outfit: this is something I threw on this weekend.  These shorts are some of my favs. I love the olive green color.  They really go with just about anything.

As I mentioned in my last post, we made the playoffs for volleyball.  Apparently everyone did.  It reminds me of elementary school where NO ONE was a loser and EVERYONE was a winner.  Since it was a play off tournament the winner would move on to the next round.  Our game didn't start until 9:15pm and well let's face it, that's pretty close to my bedtime.  I thought for sure we were losing and I'd be home my 10:30 at the latest.  Nope!  Not this time!  Apparently we drank some "bad ass" juice that day because we won and had to move on to the next round!  We lost the last round, but it was a lot of fun.  I didnt' get home until 11:30...phew I'm sleepy. 


Anjela said...

I envy you for looking so great in that particular shade of yellow! I've loved it for so long, but there's only a few times a year when I can 'get away' with wearing it ...:(

p.s.- you legs look amazing! Not really anything to do with the outfits, lol, i felt you deserved the praise ;))

Love at First Shoe said...

Thanks for being so sweet, Angela! I think that yellow color is one of my favs right now.

I feel like my legs look a million miles long in those shorts and wedges! haha

Sorren said...

I love outfit number 12 - it is such a great office look and you can never go wrong when pairing grey and yellow together.

number 13 is also great. I love the wedges and shorts - I NEED to do it soon.

Tara said...

Such an awesome casual outfit...I love those shorts!

Lydia Marie said...

That second outfit is so cute and sporty looking! And I've seen a lot of people with cute wide-legged jeans from Gap.

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Anonymous said...

i think i say this EVERY time, but you have such great clothes! and you look adorable in anything!

Love at First Shoe said...

You are too too sweet! Thank you!