Jul 20, 2011

Almost finished!

Shorts: Old Navy, Top: Loft, Shoes: DSW

It's okay! I didn't wear this to work today! This was my outfit from dinner last night. I don't think walking into the Kroger office in short shorts and heels would go over very well.  Although, I've been seeing some seriously short/tight dresses and platforms around the office recently.  Not a great way to demand respect if you ask me...but what do I know. 

I hope everyone is keeping cool today!  It's so hard to dress appropriately for lava hot weather outside and a freezing office.

So happy this 30x30 is coming to an end!


Bre said...

I am in love with your outfit. I mean it. It's perfection. Not sure I would wear it work either but hey I don't know that much either.

gi-gi said...

Adore the shoes! Stay cool.

Anjela said...

Love it! Neutrals suite you so well!
Maybe a tad casual for work, but def perfect for other settings ;)

Style Journey said...

LOVE your outfit! This is a great dinner outfit and the neutrals look great on you :)


Lydia Marie said...

This is such a cute going-out outfit! And this time of year is so awkward when it comes to getting dressed, I wish I had a choice other than ridiculously hot outside and freezing cold inside.

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