Jul 3, 2011

Actually outfit # 14...I labeled it wrong!

Dress: Loft, Shoes: Gianni Bini, Belt: Target

Today is my birthday.  It's crazy how the older I get the less excited I am about it lol.  So close to 30...boo.

This was my Friday outfit. You've seen this outfit before except it wasn't part of my 30x30. This is a result of me being lazy and running out of ideas of how to remix this dress.  I've done it with a blazer, cardi, and like this.  Any other suggestions?  I'd like to be able to use it more in my remix. 

I'm off to the pool to enjoy the sun and some beers.  Hope everyone enjoys their day!!


Lydia Marie said...

Happy Birthday Angela!

And I think you could remix it other ways by layering a shirt or skirt over it so it becomes a skirt or top.

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Tara said...

Happy belated birthday, Angela! I hope you had a fantastic day...

And yeah, I'd say try it with another skirt layered over the top of it...I did that for a first time for the last EBEW, and I kind of like how it worked.

Leah said...

Awe...Happy Birthday. I'm getting ready to turn 29 so I totally know how you feel. Thankfully I'm still pretty excited about MY day and plan to make everyone around me celebrate it with me! :)

Anjela said...

Happy birthday!!!:) Hope you had an amazing day :D