Aug 30, 2011

I need a vacation

Top/Belt: Forever21, Shoes: Target, Braclete: Kohl's, Skirt: NY&Co.

See, told you I have an obsession with polka dots.  

I need a vacation ASAP.  I'm so mentally drained from work.  Ugh.  Did I mention Drew and I are going to Nashville this weekend? CAN'T. WAIT.


Anjela said...

gorgeous!:) love the polka dots! a print I feel I can't ever get tired of!
Have a blast in Nashville!

Nav said...

love the look with polka dots and blue skirt - a combo I need to try out.

enjoy your time off!! :)

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Oh how I've missed your blog and fabulous style! I LOVE this bright blue skirt and silver heels- you have the most beautiful, feminine style! Yeehaww I've always wanted to go to Nashville!

Notes She Wrote said...

adorable skirt!!! LOVE :)

Notes She Wrote

Tara said...

I love Nashville...have a great time!

And there's no such thing as too many polka dots, so obsess away :)