Aug 4, 2011

No musical talents

 Dress, Cardigan, Belt: Target, Shoes & Bracelet: Kohl's

I feel like a walking Target ad today. Ha.  I just got this dress and I'm so in love with it.  I almost bought it in pink but quickly decided I didn't have a lot of royal blue.  It has pockets tooooo!

I've been thinking about incorporating my love for music into my little blog.  You're probably asking yourself does she play an instrument? Nope.  Does she sing? Oh yes, I sing.  Not the type of singing most want to hear.  I have zero musical talents, folks.  I do, however, have a serious love for music.  Who doesn't, right?  I'm not really positive what I want to do yet.  I'm thinking about a Music Monday...clever huh? I'll introduce you to a song I love. Maybe something about why I'm a fan and talk a little bit about the band..all that fun stuff.   I think music says a lot about a person. I'm interested to see what you, my readers, are into.


heidi said...

i have been eying that dress at target lately too, they have had a lot of cute things lately! and i love those shoes!

Rachel said...

I love the idea of music Monday! I'd love to hear your musical suggestions. I agree with your choice of the blue dress too :)

Michelle's Style File said...

Great dress- love how you've belted the cardi with it!


Bre said...

I would love a music Monday. I am the same with music. I love it but have 0 (okay maybe even -10) talent for it.
Your dress is cute and you should have also bought it in pink. You said yourself it had pockets!