Feb 7, 2011

Booo Mondays! Outfit #6

  • Zebra print sweater - NY&Co
  • Turquoise skirt - NY & Co. 
  • Black top - Target
  • Necklace ..hmmm i don't remember
  • Chinese Laundry Shoes - DSW
  • Black printed tights - Kohls
Got the new camera...now I just need to learn how to pose...

Sorry for no weekend outfit posts.  I stayed in my pj's all weekend long doing homework and watching Dexter.

I feel like I did my 30 for 30 picks all wrong.  I have a MAJOR obsession for shoes so limiting myself to only 7 pairs in 30 days is hard on me. HAHA, it's true.  I should have sucked it up and limited myself to 5 (including a pair of my fav flat boots) and threw in couple more casual  tops or another pair of jeans.   Live and learn.  I guess this should be my 30 for 30 (for work).  Oh well, I'm not completely upset with my picks.

I have this new idea for my blog.  I think once a week (probably not as often as that) I will do a style throwback post.  I'll pull an old pic of me and show how my personal style has changed over the years. AND of course make fun of myself lol. It's so funny to see how much my style has changed over the years.    Anyway, be looking for those posts.  I think it would be cool to get some feedback from others about some of their personal style memories.

Until #7....


Anjela said...

Love this outfit! That skirt is gorgeous on you!
Also your new idea for your blog sounds awesome!

p.s.- thanks for your comment on my blog! I got those polka dot tights at Joe Fresh (it's a Canadian chain) but I've also seen ones like those in H&M!

Sarah said...

that skirt is very much amazing on you!

Sarah said...

it's me again...i gave you a stylish blogger award...check at my blog!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Hello fellow remixer :) What a great outfit- I love the blue skirt! I am so with you on the shoes- I only picked 5 pairs and it is killing me to re-wear the same pairs over and over! I love Dexter and your idea for the style throwback (mine would be so embarassing!)

Love at First Shoe said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, ladies!

I'll have to check H&M for those tights. They are just too cute.

Sarah, I'll be sure to check out your blog...you are too sweet!

Oh and the throwback thing will be embarassing for me too! I think I might ease myself into with some from 5 or so years ago haha.


Laura said...

I love your teal skirt! Colored skirts can be hard to style but you did it nicely by keeping the rest of the outfit neutral.

The shoes are the hardest part for me, too! I thought I had all my bases covered with 5, but so many days I think if only I could wear that pair!

Courtney said...

When did you get the skirt? I've been looking for a structured, colorful pencil skirt and cant find any!

Love at First Shoe said...

Hey Courtney! I got this skirt almost 2 years ago now. You should check Target or H&M. I've been seeing a lot of new colorful skirts at Target recently.

Good luck!