Feb 21, 2011

Gross Monday...outfit 15

  • Dress - Loft
  • Blazer - Target
  • Tights - Kohl's
  • Shoes- Chinese Laundry - DSW
What a crappy crappy day. On top of the nasty rain and bad hair day, work was just insane! I'm so glad to be home.  

Halfway through the remix! I had to plan out the rest of my outfits because I was so worried I would run out of ideas.   Kendi gave some great tips today on what to do if you're struggling with your remixing. 


Melody said...

I'm starting to feel like im running out of ideas.. I just got done with some laundry so I may need to plan some outfits out too!

Tara said...

Yeah, I charted out a couple of outfit ideas, too, just to be prepared for those days when the inspiration just isn't there. Almost done!!

Love the tights today :)

Agentsuperstar said...

This is a great outfit! I am soooo bored of my items I am struggling to hang in. :)


kelsey williams said...

You do not look like you're struggling. I love how you styled this dress!