Feb 2, 2011

Remix outfit #2

  • Grey Sequin Sweater - NY & Co.
  • Brown Skirt - Forever21
  • Blue Button up - Ny&Co.
  • Printed Brown tights - NY & Co.
  • Green Pumps - Guess - DSW
  • Green Necklace - Avon
Hello my few followers! I'm pretty excited to see some new people taking interest in my blog.  Having official followers inspires me to be more creative and informative with my posts.

As you know I live in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area.  There's been a lot of new and exciting things taking place in Cincinnati. Things like new developments and new events to attract people to our city.  Did you know Cincinnati held their first Annual Fashion Week in 2010?  They announced our second , Cincinnati Fashion Week dates!  I didn't know much about last years but I've been reading up on it and I'm pretty excited.  Check out this article....  Dates-announced-for-Cincinnati-fashion-week-2011.


Anonymous said...

So cute, and I love the title of your blog. Have fun with the 30 for 30. It's gonna get tougher; I'm already stressing. ; )

Jame♥Rame said...

Oooh! I didn't know Cincinnati had Fashion Week! We should go!

Love at First Shoe said...

Thank you, Kris! I had a plan to plan my outfits out in advance...I haven't even started yet.

Jamie, I agree! I was going to talk to you and Amiee about that!

Anjela said...

Love your shoes!
Great outfit!:)

Love at First Shoe said...

Thank you!! I love them too :)

mk said...

i really l like this outfit, and those shoes are a-MAZ-ing. love them!!


Chelsey Hancock said...

I love that sequin sweater!! Do you watch Gossip Girl? It totally reminds me of the drapey sweater Serena wore on a recent episode--adorable!

owenandchelsey.blogspot.com (fellow remixer)

Love at First Shoe said...

Gossip Girl = my guilty pleasure! never miss it! I got it at NY&Co. I think they still have them :)