Feb 11, 2011

OMG It's Friday!!! outfit #9

  •  Shirt - NY & Co.
  • Jeggings - Target
  • Leopard shoes - Target
  • Scarf - ummm probably Target
Everyone, meet Lola, or as we like to call her, KITTY!  I took the last pic so you can see the shoulders of this shirt. I LOVE it.

I'm so happy this long boring day is over.  Dinner and drinks tonight and again tomorrow! Can't get much better than that!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


kelsey said...

i love this simply, chic outfit. the shoulder details and shoes totally jazz it up. this is what i call snappy casual :)

Sarah said...

you cant go wrong with stripes and animal print!!

Liz (26 and Counting) said...

Um hi, we're twins. I'm literally wearing this outfit waiting to go to dinner.

Tara said...

I love the shoes! You look great...hope you had a great anniversary weekend :)

Love at First Shoe said...

Liz, great minds think alike!

Thanks, Tara! We had a great anniversary weekend :)