Feb 24, 2011

Dear Spring time, where are you? Outfit #18

  • Shirt - NY & Co
  • Skirt - Loft
  • Shoes - Target
  • Belt and Necklace - Forever21
I have a confession to make.  I gave myself a shopping budget out of my tax return. So, I've been doing a little online shopping to spice up my Spring wardrobe.  I guess that's against the rules for 30 for 30. BUT!!!!!!!! I haven't been wearing anything new yet...so maybe not.  I've been adding some color to my shoe collection and just got some cute dresses in the mail today.  I can't wait to show them offffffff!

My face isn't so bad today.  It's a little tingly and sensitive but it's all good. 

Spring couldn't get here soon enough. It's so hard for me to be motivated after work.  I really need to start working out again. I'm in mini competition with a dear friend of mine. You're a week ahead of me Katie!  GRRRRR You're still going down! 


kelsey said...

I am loving this outfit on you! You look so classy. (And those are the shoes I wanted at Target, but I got the platform ones instead, and now I can't walk in them...)

Love at First Shoe said...

Grr I hate that! I have a few pairs of shoes in my closet that I can't walk in. I keep them just in case....I should just face the fact that i'll never walk in them and get rid of them.

Anjela said...

love this one! The way you accessorized it awesome!:)
I too am guilty of a little cheating on the challenge...but rules are made to be broken, right?!

Laura said...

Great shoes! And I agree with the first commenter that your accessories totally make this outfit. I love your necklace, leo belt and the Bradshaw flower!

Love at First Shoe said...

Thanks ladies! Heck yes rules are made to be broken!!

From Suns To Moons said...

You must be the cutest thing ever. I want everything you wear.